Over this past week, we've seen a lot of surprising things happen. In fact, probably more shocking things have happened in this past week than we saw in all of last year. Coronavirus. Shortages of basic essential items. The cancellation of St. Patrick's Day. Tom Brady leaving New England!!

So when that many things crazy things happen all in one week, it can sometimes numb you to other weird things. Well, despite everything that has happened over the last week, I still find this to be very bizarre.

We honestly don't have a whole lot of context here. This video was posted to Facebook by Alyssa Jensen. It looks like it was originally posted to Tik Tok by @603piper, who's bio says "NH Police Association Pipes & Drums Police Officer."

In the video, a group of bagpipers decided to head over to the empty TP section of this Walmart, and pay respects to the empty toilet paper aisle.

Really, you can't make this stuff up. Just add it to the seemingly endless list of bizzare things that have happened this week.

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