It's been a big year for the emoji who recently went through a whole makeover and received an upgrade by Apple who added a whole slew of new emoji to the lineup, taking our text-talk to a new level. However, there were a few left off the list that are finally coming to life. Including the crispy, sizzling goodness...BACON!

I don't think a day goes by that someone doesn't talk about bacon. True story. It seems to somehow come up in conversation for one reason or another. Well, now bacon is among another 38 new emoji being added to the set.

Some of the notable ones are:  A clown face . . . a nauseated face . . . a drooling face . . a hand holding a camera to take a selfie . . . handshake . . . a hand with the fingers crossed . . . a pregnant woman . . . a guy shrugging . . .A man dancing . . . a wilted flower . . . a scooter . . . an avocado . . . a potato . . . bacon . . . a duck . . . an eagle . . . and a shark.  There's still no taco!

It's up to companies like Apple, Google, and Twitter to add the new emoji to their keyboards, but you should see them by June of next year.