Watch this heartwarming video of a baby loon being reunited with its parents on a Maine lake.

Human intervention may have been a good things for this little loon who had something wrong with its foot. According to WMTW, a man who works at Snow Pond Cruises in Oakland, Maine discovered a tumor on the bird that was "the size of a grape." Gary Bennett reportedly first noticed the loon and its parents on Snow Pond, which is also known as Messalonskee Lake.

After contacting Avian Haven in Freedom, WMTW says Bennett captured the baby and gave it to a volunteer, who took it to the animal rehab center to be treated.

A veterinarian removed the tumor and nicknamed the loon "Jordan," as per WMTW. Then, Bennett took the bird back to the lake to be reunited with its family.

Here is an update about Jordan from the Snow Pond Cruises Facebook page.:

Mom and dad let Jordan come right up to the boat again. I swear that little guy knows me. He seems to be doing very well. He is swimming better and he is eating everything his parents give him.

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