A national restaurant chain in Auburn, Maine is doing their part to help the community. Heidi's Brooklyn Deli gave away fresh baked bread to "dozens of people," according to WMTW. The report says 60 loaves were given out in the first 20 minutes.

One of the owners of the restaurant, Michael Tribou, told WMTW that because grocery stores have been running out of bread, Heidi's Brooklyn Deli "wanted to help anyone in need during these difficult times."

If you missed out on this freebie, the Heidi's in South Portland is doing another giveaway next weekend, as per WMTW. It's located at 415 Philbrook Avenue.

By the way, both restaurants are currently closed due to COVID19. You can help to support Heidi's by buying gift cards and using them when they reopen for business.

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