A study conducted by Ask Men surveyed men in every state to find out what their favorite beer, and the results in New England have us shaking our heads.

Budweiser is the king of beer in Maine, which is surprising because the craft beer scene in Portland has consistently been voted as one of the best in the U.S. Not to knock Budweiser, but there are so many beers to choose from in the Pine Tree State. Budweiser actually tied with Corona as the two most popular beers in Maine. This is interesting, because I've never seen anyone drinking a Corona since I moved here. However, I've seen a few people drinking Budweiser. Then again, I live in Portland. I haven't observed much beer drinking behavior elsewhere.

New Hampshire follows Maine with the same two beer choices: Budweiser and Corona. New Hampshire's craft beers are not as well known as Maine, according to our sources; however, it is growing.

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