When I was growing up, I loved riding my bicycle. As I rode my bicycle I would sing, "Bicycle Race," by Queen.

But there is now a phenomenon that has taken over Lewiston/Auburn, pretty much all of Central Maine, from my point of view, and I need to get your thoughts on it!

Let's talk about motorized bicycles/gas bikes/electric bikes.

It was when I was living on Warren Avenue in Lewiston that I first learned about these machines. A gentleman who was living across the street built this bike with a motor. Initially, I saw this and thought, "Oh, just a normal bicycle." Then, he turned something on, and it started to make a very loud buzzing sound.

It was a bicycle, with a motor. That was the first time I noticed this.

Now, I am seeing them everywhere. I did some research and found that these little things are pretty fricken awesome.

According to Bikeberry.com, a motorized bicycle is "a motorized form of a regular bicycle, the keyword being 'motorized'."

The bike site notes that if it has got a motor bigger than 50cc, it's probably a moped, scooter, or motorcycle.

We all know that buying a car sucks right now, not to mention the money it takes to actually drive it. The gas prices are, criminal.

Not only do they save you money on gas and purchases of a car, but they are also environmentally good as well.

Picture it, instead of spending tens of thousands of dollars on a vehicle, you can buy a motorized bike for a few hundred bucks. Or you can take your bicycle and buy a kit to attach to it.

Ya, they have kits! I found one online.

Motorized bicycles may have annoying and loud sounds, but they are financially smart. They will certainly help you cut down on fuel costs, and that is something desperately needed right now.

So if you are a solo driver and want to save some money, this may be an option for you. Imagine driving around downtown Augusta, downtown Portland, or your favorite Maine town.

According to Electric Bikes,

With an eBike, your average 10-mile trip will cost just one to two cents in terms of electrical recharging, with minimal maintenance cost if you show proper care while riding. As a result, the typical 10-mile bike ride will save you two dollars when compared to using a car.

Two dollars may not seem like a big deal, but if you're riding it frequently the savings add up!

Do you have one? If so, let me see it! Send your photo to me.

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