Never work with children, animals, and Lori and Jeff.

The concept was easy. We 'move' from Q97.9 to 94.9 HOM! How hard could that be? Here's a little inside information on the actual radio switch. When Lori and Jeff decided to move to 94.9 WHOM after over 20 years at the helm of Q97.9, they actually didn't 'move'. They are broadcasting in the same studio! The 'switch' all happened with wires and stuff (don't understand any of the mechanics). So the studio was decked out with Q stuff and we thought, perfect! We'll take it all down and then put HOM stuff up! Ta-da! What a fun commercial, right? We hired the best - Knack Factory. The two 15-second ads are called book ends. One plays and then a few other commercials play...and the second ad plays. Here's the first.

Then a couple of ads run, and then the second :15-second ad runs!

Yes. Both Lori AND Jeff are wearing lipstick. They know, they know. We let the professionals do their job and our lips needed some color. Now, it did take six hours, but it was wicked fun and Knack Factory really does know their stuff. It's not easy making these two look good. We laughed and stood around and ate pizza and got a lot of fun shots behind the scenes. They even put together a little behind-the-scenes video!

But these guys weren't done yet! They also did a Wes Anderson behind-the-scenes video too! If you aren't familiar with Wes Anderson, here's how Wikipedia describes his films,

His films are known for their eccentricity, unique visual and narrative styles, and frequent use of ensemble casts. They often contain themes of grief, loss of innocence, and dysfunctional families.

His films include 1998 Rushmore, 2001 The Royal Tenenbaums, and 2014 The Grand Budapest Hotel. Here's Knack Factory's version of Wes Anderson's vision.

It was a great day and a really fun experience...and the last time Lori and Jeff will be seen in public with lipstick.

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