It started in October with $1 margaritas, November was $1 Long Island Iced Teas and now Applebee's has a new $1 drink for the entire month of February, their own spin on the Bahama Mama.

Your timing is perfect Applebee's. With another 10 inches to a foot of snow on the way, a lot of us could use a nice tropical drink that if we close our eyes almost makes us feel like we're on a warm sandy beach.


Applebee's cleverly calls these drinks Dollaramas and are served in a 10 ounce mug, and uses rum along with Applebee's "new, proprietary mix of pineapple, lime and orange juices and with hints of coconut and cherry." Sure, they many be a little watered down, but at a buck a piece, who cares?

These $1 drinks are an attempt by Applebee's to draw in the millennial crowd, many of which view chain restaurants as not worth their time. It seems like its less of an issue in Maine when you get away from the Portland area. I've seen Applebee's in Oxford packed on a Friday night.

You can get your Dollarama at Applebee's locations in Portland, South Portland, North Windham, Biddeford, Auburn, Brunswick, Oxford, Augusta, Waterville, and Bangor.


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