I love to scour Craigslist for all of the items that they have for free because you never know what gems you'll come across like this prized item in Lebanon, Maine.

This is an antique toilet from an outhouse. Now I wish they were giving away the actual outhouse so you could have the little wooden shack with the little moon on the front of it, but they're giving this away and someone is going to take it off this person's hands.

"Free- An antique outhouse toilet!

Recently removed from the outhouse, but not recently used. Pipe included! Very solid, could use a good dust-off!"


This has me wanting to go down to Lebanon and pick it up just to build my own outhouse. For what occasion? I don't know, but it is COVID, if people want to come by the house.

We can have distant social gatherings outside, and they don't have to go into use the restroom. They can go to the outhouse. But what are your thoughts? Would you consider this for your own DIY project?

Have you ever come across any exciting antiques? On Craigslist that you would like to get for yourself that may be seen as a little out of left field.


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