Do you believe in ghosts, extraterrestrials and/or the paranormal? Many people do.

There seem to be lots of haunted places in New England. Earlier this week, we warned you about Witchtrot Road. Well, there's another rural section of road in northern Maine off of U.S. Route 2 that has gained the reputation of being one of the most haunted areas, according to the website "Haunted Places To Go." Route 2A runs through the Haynesville Woods in the town of Haynesville which is located in Aroostook County.

Haunted Places To Go describes Route 2A as treacherous in the wintery months. It reportedly has a dangerously sharp curve of nearly 90 degrees.

One of the ghost stories the locals share is about a young woman who has been seen walking along the side of the road. When she is offered a ride, she tells the driver she and her newly wed husband have been in a car accident. Then, the lady supposedly vanishes into thin air. There are other legends, but this one seems to be the most popular.

Dick Curless, a former truck driver and country singer, wrote about this road in a song called “A Tombstone Every Mile."

"It's a stretch of road up north in Maine
that's never, ever, ever seen a smile."

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