Man, comedy’s getting dangerous.

Two months after suffering serious burns from a fire in his garage, Andover native Jay Leno is again on the mend after breaking his collarbone and ribs in a motorcycle crash.

The Jay Leno’s Garage host, who helmed The Tonight Show for 22 years, apparently fell off his motorcycle on January 17 and also cracked two kneecaps, according to NBC. But as was the case last time, Leno isn’t waiting too long to recover, and will return to the stage this weekend.

Leno told a Las Vegas news outlet that he looked down mid-ride after smelling gas, and didn’t notice a wire strung across a parking lot without any markings – knocking him off the bike.

Full disclosure: Jay Leno was the first person I wrote for, and he casually laughed off the incident in November. “Gotta stay away from the flamin’ hot Doritos!” he said via e-mail.

And don’t expect Leno to sell his fleet of classic bikes and automobiles, as he currently hosts the popular Garage show on CNBC. Leno hosts or visits celebrities – as he did Martha Stewart in Maine – while providing history trivia and, of course, jokes about his favorite cars.

But there’s just something dangerous about The Tonight Show. Another person for whom I wrote, Jimmy Fallon, had a rather adventurous summer in 2015.

During his run as host, Brookline native Conan O’Brien suffered a concussion during an in-studio race.

And perhaps most famously, Johnny Carson was pulled over by LA’s finest after enjoying a refreshment or two too many.

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