Every Friday in October, we're giving someone who is currently dealing with cancer or who has survived it a makeover, courtesy of Anabel's Angels, a 501c3 nonprofit organization designed to provide support to underfunded clinical trials and programs for the terminally ill and physically afflicted.

Lori Lindsay is from Lewiston, Maine. Her daughter wrote the following about her:

In June, my mother, Lori, was diagnosed with breast cancer. Like the powerful, selfless woman she is, she continued her work as a middle school math and science teacher and as a cashier at a local grocery store which she uses as a second source of income, along with caring for my brother and I, helping with our medical expenses and doing the best she could to make us happy, regardless of how terrified she was internally. All of this on her own and in the midst of scheduling her own appointments with doctors and surgeons from all over southern Maine.

Listen to AJ and Nikki's interview with Lori:

Thank you for sharing your experience with us. It is our hope to bring light into our listeners' lives and put smiles on the faces of people who need a little pampering with a makeover.

To find out more about Anabel's Angels Inc. or to make a donation, click here: Donate To Anabel's Angels

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