Every Friday in October, we're giving someone who is currently dealing with cancer or who has survived it a makeover, courtesy of Anabel's Angels, a 501c3 nonprofit organization designed to provide support to underfunded clinical trials and programs for the terminally ill and physically afflicted.

Our first winner is Cindy from Kittery, Maine. She was nominated by her aunt Betty who wrote the following about her niece:

"My niece Cindy was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer in March. Cindy went through chemo for 3 months. She worked till her fingernails turned black and neuropathy set in. I'm proud of my niece's courage and control. She didn't want her grandchild to know she has cancer, even after she lost her hair. Cindy still cares for Camdon after daycare, until her son gets home from work. Cindy has learned that after her operation to remove the cancer that was shrunken, she still has it in a lymph node. Cindy has started radiation this week. She may need more chemo during or after weeks of radiation."

Thank you for sharing your experience with us. It is our hope to bring light into our listeners' lives and put smiles on the faces of people who need a little pampering with a makeover.

Do you know someone who lives in New England, and has survived cancer or is currently dealing with it? Nominate them (or yourself) below to win an "Anabel's Angels' Makeover." Each Friday, one person will be selected to get a $200 gift card from Ulta Beauty to use on the services and products of their choosing.

To find out more about Anabel's Angels Inc. or to make a donation, click here: Donate To Anabel's Angels

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