It was about 930 Sunday morning when we were both at a red light.

You pulled up to my left, and the only reason I noticed you is because your stereo was blasting Peaches by Justin Beiber. I have to admit, I may be slightly sick of that song. Anyway, you did something I thought would never ever happen. You actually made me LOVE that song? How? Because you were jamming out to it big time. Not only did you know every single word, but you had some serious dance moves. You WERE Justin Beiber! I have never been so glad to be stuck at such a long red light. (It's the light as you get off the Turnpike and go toward downtown Saco. To the right is Hannaford, and up ahead to the left is Dairy Queen).


But truthfully all I did was stare at you. I was kinda hoping you'd notice. I was grinning from ear to ear! I soooo, wanted to let you know that your absolute joy and abandonment were making my day! But you didn't notice me one tiny bit. You were too busy with your singing...and dancing. I mean, you were doing the whole chest pound and I swear I saw you point.

So, whoever you are, all I know is that you work for Fed Ex, had your ball cap on backward, and absolutely made my day. Dance and sing on my friend! Anyone who can make me love that Justin Beiber song is one awesome dude.

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