If you missed Saturday's game at Hadlock Field, you definitely missed a memorable game and night for multiple reasons.

Portland Red Snappers

For one game only this past Saturday night, the Portland Sea Dogs transformed into the Portland Red Snappers in honor of National Hot Dog Month and the iconic "red snapper" Maine hot dogs. You'd think between that and, of course, the almighty Sea Dog Biscuit, that it'd already be an epic night; and it was, but that was just the start of it all.

Sea Dogs Fireworks

Not only was there a scheduled team name change on Saturday night for the Sea Dogs/Red Snappers, but it was also a scheduled fireworks night at Hadlock Field following the game. The fireworks got started a lot earlier though with some drama that went down during the game.

At one point midway through the game, a Sea Dogs/Red Snappers player was at bat and hit a pop fly toward the Harrisburg Senators' first baseman. That's when all the drama ensued that essentially no one really saw, because mostly everyone was looking up at the ball. But according to Twitter user TVTEDDY who was at the game:

Benches clear at the Seadogs game in the sixth inning. Dogs batter pops up. 1st baseman runs to catch it and the batter plows him over running to first. Honestly, seemed like a dirty play by the batter.

Naturally, as you can expect, this caused the benches to clear.

But the benches-clearing wasn't the epic meltdown in question. No, the epic meltdown happened after, as the Senators' skipper (manager) decided he still wasn't happy with how the umpires handled the whole situation (rightfully so -- he's looking out for his players' safety and if he thinks a dirty play went down, he should argue you) so decided to give them a piece of his mind. And apparently clothing?

*NSFW Language in the caption of the next tweet*

The manager went on to get ejected, the Sea Dogs/Red Snappers won the game, and the second fireworks show of the evening went off without a hitch. But question -- does video of that manager melting down toward umpires remind anyone of this hilarious scene from the closing credits of A League of Their Own where actual former members of the AAGPBL are playing a game, and one batter gets in the umpire's face and kicks dirt on him while she's arguing a call?


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