You are proud to be from Maine or New Hampshire, right? It is your home state, and no one can tell you any state is better. Both states are full of history, and beauty. And, others would be so lucky to live in either state. So much has been achieved over the years in both states, including, holding some cool and random records; according to and the Guinness Book of World Records. It took some innovative minds to come up with these records to break for sure. That's somethin' to be proud of!

In Maine, we hold the record for the tallest snowman at 122 feet and 1 inch.

New Hampshire holds the following records:

1) Largest Lottery Scratchcard at 36.2 feet by18.8 feet. This massive winning ticket was presented at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway in 2011. It took a scissor-lift to raise one lucky person to scratch it and reveal the winning numbers. Click here to see pictures!

2) The most lit jack-o'-lanterns on display at once. That is 30,581 jack-o'-lanterns!

3) The most lines cleared in Tetris DX. Gamer Henry Hong cleared a 4,988 lines, and the highest possible score of 9,999,999. This took place at Funspot in Weirs, NH.

Estately/Guinness Book of World Records
Estately/Guinness Book of World Records


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