For the first time, I tried something from the internet, and it worked!

I'm not exactly sure why cars have this hidden feature, but they do. Cruising the internet, I saw a hack from a few years ago. I'm thinking that I'm the last one to see and try this hack that went viral thanks to a TikTok. I did exactly what this woman did. I saw the hack and went immediately to my car.

Okay, almost two million people have seen this, and I'm JUST catching up. So it's about the car handle in the backseat. I hang stuff from it, but had no idea that it actually knows I'm going to do that, and has a spiffy little feature to help.

That handle is hiding little clips that when flipped, will hold the handle out in place. No kidding! Yup, it works.

I'm going to hang stuff from this handle every day now. I don't even know what I should hang, but I might just grab a bunch of clothes on hangers from my closet JUST so I can take advantage of this spiffy new feature of my seven-year-old car!

I'm sure this is not the only helpful thing my car is hiding from me. I'm not the curious type to explore what things do, but I might. Can anyone else tell me something I didn't know? I'm open to exploring any button, handle, or cup holder that might be the gateway to something super cool.

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