You'll never hear me claim to be an expert skier. In fact, I'd consider my skiing ability moderate at best. But still, I have just as good of a time on the mountain as anyone else, even if it takes me way longer than everyone else to get to the bottom.

Having lived in New Hampshire for most of my life, I'd visited many of the different mountains in the state. But for me, one stands out as a favorite - Loon Mountain in Lincoln.

I hear there are some pretty challenging trails, for the more aggressive skiers (I've never seen them, and I probably never will). But there are also plenty of great moderate and easy trails too, for skiers like me.

Besides the skiing, there are always plenty of winter activities and events happening at Loon. And Lincoln is a great town to when you're done hitting the slopes, you can visit some of the many great shops and restaurants in the town.

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