In case you missed it on the HOM Morning Show earlier this week, we talked about Sarah Lupien, a 4th grader at Small Elementary School in South Portland. She recently entered a contest for a chance to pick the name of the next NASA rover going to Mars. Sarah and her family just recently got the news that she's a semi-finalist in the contest! We connected with Sarah's Mom, Elizabeth, and they agreed to take some time to call into the show this week, to tell the story in their own words.

I think this is such an exciting opportunity for Sarah, and I know that her family and friends are incredibly proud of her. We are too!

From, here's her essay submission:

I think that Possibility is the best name for the Mars Rover because Possibility represents the possibility of finding life on Mars, present or past, as well as the possibility of humans being able to live and strive on Mars. One of the big things that inspired me to think of and choose the name Possibility was an article I read about a sixth grade girl named Clara Ma who named the rover, Curiosity. The article said she chose Curiosity because you need to be curious if you want to be a good scientist. It got me thinking of other important things in science; patience, personality, and then I thought of possibility and it just clicked. Lots of other reasons it was the best name for the rover just started flowing into my brain. That is why I think Possibility is the best name for the Mars Rover.


You can listen to our interview with Sarah below:

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