Between grumpy Facebook haters, humanitarian crises, and discouraging gas prices, my social media feeds lately are nothing short of depressing.

I flinch when I open my phone, not sure what sad news or image I’m about to stumble upon next. I am desperate for some wholesome, good-natured, positive content.

Odin, a precious black lab in Fryeburg, Maine, was the breath of fresh air and serotonin surge I needed on my feed this week.

Harvest Hills Animal Shelter

Odin is one of many furry friends at Harvest Hills Animal Shelter in Fryeburg. The non-profit organization takes in neglected and stray cats and dogs throughout Western Maine and creates a safe space for them to heal and be loved while they wait to be adopted.

If you’re a lover of animals but aren’t able to adopt, you can help through their organization by volunteering at the shop or even becoming a dog walker!

You can scroll through their adorable adoptable pets on their website here.

Odin, The “Most Aggressive Snow-Angel Maker”

One of those adorable adoptable pets is this fun, loving and happy black lab, Odin. Last week when Maine got hit with some fresh snow, the boisterous pup jumped right in to make some snow angels.

The shelter posted this precious video on their Facebook page and we are thankful they did. This is the type of content we need more of - happy animals doing things they love, it doesn’t get much better than that.

The happy little guy gets covered in snow, shakes it off, and shows off his big contagious grin. Makes me wonder why he hasn’t been adopted yet!!

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