Etsy is a source for beautiful handmade and vintage items. Endless artists and craftsmen peddle their unique wares on the site -- everything from paintings to housewares and of clothing and accessories. These earrings are handcrafted and each pair is one of a kind. They're also total crap. Literally. via sharkman123

I had no idea there was a market for this kind of item, but Etsy artist 'sharkman123' has over 700 reviews on his unique products which include Real Moose Poop Nugget Earrings.

The craftsman is located in South Carolina, but his description says, "Genuine moose poop nuggets, a product of Maine here in the U.S. Now you know what those folks do during those long New England winters! Bonkers, that's what, collecting moose droppings, drying them, and coating them in polyurethane." via sharkman123

This is real, guys. Real moose poop dangling from your lobes. What a statement piece! How edgy of you! A reviewer said, "Sent these to my sister as a gag gift. For the reaction I received I would've spent twice as much!"

"I assure you there's NO smell," says the artist. Alright, I'll have to take your word for it because I won't be ordering myself a pair. via sharkman123

Don't have your ears pierced but want your own nugget of polyurethaned moose poop? Check out the key chain and necklace versions. One reviewer said, "The poop is obviously hand-shaped, which makes it even grosser!"

Dried moose poop accessories. I'm sorry/you're welcome. By the way, here's what the artist looks like. via sharkman123