Do you remember what the medicine cabinet looked like when you were growing up? Probably a lot different than this one. What medicines do you remember from when you were a child? Here's a few I thought of and guess which one was still in my parent's cabinet! 


CASTOR OIL- Yuck! But you probably remember this staple med being used to ease your tummy after too much candy.


DISCLOSURE TABLETS- Remember these bitter little gems? You chewed them and it would turn your teeth pinkish red showing where you need to brush more. We also had a thing called "swish" in school where we were all given Fluoride to swish for a minute while in class. Did you have to do that?


Mercury Thermometer- Hopefully you are lucky enough to remember this in your mouth only! I remember it tasting like alcohol rub on glass because my mom would sterilize it when we were sick. Of course they don't make these anymore for obvious reasons but it sure was a staple in our house. Now parents can get a temp in five seconds!


So, what's the med my parent's still have in the medicine cabinet, STILL in its old bottle?

Mercurochrome- What I called "the pink stingy stuff" followed but a "noooooo!" This was used for small cuts to disinfect and was a lot less painful than Iodine but still stung and left a pinkish orange stain on your skin.

What do you remember about meds when you were a kid...I want to hear!

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