These homeless men will probably never forget their Super Bowl adventure. 27-year-old Meir Kay, who is a Patriots fan, wanted to throw a Super Bowl party for a group of homeless people in his home state of New York City. The Brooklyn native thinks that the Super Bowl is a holiday for most Americans, since we "feast, drink and surround ourselves with family and friends."

Kay decided to do something special for people who had nowhere to go on the biggest football night of the year, Super Bowl Sunday. He invited some homeless men to a fancy, rooftop restaurant and bar in New York City, where they watched the game on a big screen TV. The men were given expensive Patriots' jerseys to wear. And, they were treated to drinks and a buffet of America's favorite game day foods. For one night, these men got to do something that most of us take for granted. Look at the smiles on their faces as they cheer for the Patriots!


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