Honestly, is it just me, or does it feel like we're all going along for the ride on this one?

Last week, I talked to head chef and owner of Wicked Fresh Craft Burgers and FIRE by Wicked Fresh (both in North Conway), Danny Rassi, about his upcoming episode of Chopped Comfort Food Feud, which aired on Tuesday night. Obviously, he couldn't really talk much about anything (and still can't, to a point -- more on that in a second) because the episode hadn't aired yet, but it was still cool to hear a bit about his experience.

The episode aired this past Tuesday night. If you're not familiar with the Chopped series (which has become one of Food Network's most popular series), four chefs face-off and have to incorporate ingredients hidden in a basket. They have NO idea what the ingredients are until they open the basket -- and in that moment, they have 20 minutes to mentally think of what dish to create, run around gathering additional ingredients, finish executing their dish, and plate their meal before it is judged by three highly respected judges.

From there, one chef is sent home, another meal is prepared in the same way with the three remaining chefs (normally a main course) with an additional 10 minutes on the clock. After one more chef is eliminated, the remaining two go head-to-head in a dessert round, until one chef is left standing.

And Tuesday night -- that lone soldier WAS OUR NORTH CONWAY CHEF DANNY RASSI! The journey isn't over yet for Danny, though -- the Chopped Comfort Food Feud includes a total of four competitions -- burgers (which is the face-off that Danny won on Tuesday night), bacon, mac & cheese, and pizza. Once champions have been crowned in all four of those comfort food categories, they'll face-off to crown a Grand Champion of comfort food.

After watching Danny's episode on Tuesday night, I had so many questions and was curious what was going on in his head and what he thought both watching the show and the reaction he's gotten from other people since it aired. So we connected, and you can listen to the full unedited interview below!

As soon as I find out the exact air date for the Grand Championship for Chopped Comfort Food Feud, I'll pass the word. For now, go see Danny at both of his restaurants (Wicked Fresh Craft Burgers and FIRE by Wicked Fresh in North Conway) -- AND DANNY! GO GET 'EM!! Bring home the 'ship!

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