Pass the word on to your friends and family, especially the younger ones, about this brand new scam that just popped up in Nashua earlier this week. Considering the outcome, hopefully, it's over, but still worth being on the lookout for.

Nashua Cash Scam

According to a Facebook post from a Granite State mother, there's a brand new scam that popped up on Spit Brook Rd in Nashua a couple of days ago that involves booting cars and trying to snag cash in exchange.

While leaving a kickboxing class at TITLE Boxing Club (the location in Daniel Webster Crossings, according to the Mom), the teenage girl returned to her car to find a boot on the front driver's side tire, with a note on her windshield claiming a company called New England Parking Solutions booted the car for "non-compliance with posted signs within property boundaries."

Shortly after the Facebook post from Mom, another post on Facebook about the same company popped up, this time from a woman who identified herself as a brand new employee of the same company.

"I was looking for a second part time job and I see this under the table parking monitor job. So I start my first day with 2 others at a parking lot off Exit 1... find out we are actually putting BOOTS on cars. That this guy signed a contract with a manager of the plaza. This guy puts up 2 signs you can barely see and spray paints numbers on parking spots... the plaza stores don't even know about this. He tells us to watch where cars park. Let them go inside and wait for them to come out. Tell them it's 200 cash to get the boot off or it gets towed!"

The post goes on to mention that at some point, managers of stores in the plaza appeared outside flipping out and called the cops, who informed everyone in the area an hour later that the "guy" in question is a scam artist and his paperwork is bogus. The incident was corroborated by the Lowell Police Department.

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