Joe Stinson, the owner of Stinson & Company in Portland, Maine, will be on at least three episodes of Pawn Stars on the History Channel. Stinson appeared on the show January 22, 2018, according to Portland Buy Local. He was reportedly trying to sell a 2013 Boston Red Sox World Series ring.

Then, Stinson made an appearance last Monday night with a 1950's leather jacket worn by Marlon Brando. In the video below, Rick asks Stinson if the jacket was worn in a movie. Stinson tells him it was not; it was his personal jacket. Stinson asks Rick for $15,000, and says he was going to settle for $7000 on his personal Facebook page. However, they struck a bargain at $8500, so Stinson made a profit. He says in the video that he is going to give his daughter some of the money for a down payment on her house.


Stinson says he will be in another upcoming episode with a hat worn by Charlie Chaplin. He'll let us know when that show airs.

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