This one hits a bit different for me in a really good way -- multiple ways, actually. I've never really said this flat out before, just alluded to it, but I will now -- the reason I was able to come back home is because I was laid off from work back in January. And it literally took me until October to become employed again.

During that time (also something I never really voiced out loud until right now) -- I had come to terms with the fact that I was leaving radio, and I actually started working for my uncle's construction company. All of that was to be able to afford to take courses in...something. Coding, I.T. -- anything that would be as stable of a job as possible. Problem with that is taking courses takes a lot of time, and even more money.

THAT'S why this hits differently for me -- A LOT of people right now, no matter their career field, have been laid off and are looking for work. And not only work, but some are looking for a career change. With that comes needing new skills, which means courses, which means money for said courses. But not if you're planning on becoming a Licensed Nursing Assistant (LNA), because Portsmouth Regional Hospital is offering FREE LNA courses.

According to Portsmouth Regional Hospital's Facebook Page, the free LNA courses start in January, be taught by Registered Nurses at Portsmouth Regional, and will last 7 weeks each. Class size caps out at 8 students, and those students will be prepared to take their Boards by the end of the course. On top of that, Portsmouth Regional WILL PAY students for their class time, then give them a raise once they officially become a registered LNA!

Listen. Seriously. Take it from someone who was working a job in a field he knew nothing about in order to raise enough money to take stupidly expensive courses -- TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE FACT THAT THESE COURSES ARE FREE. This is a HUGE deal, and even if you decide to go deeper into the Nursing field -- you're already ahead of the game because you didn't have to pay a DIME to get your LNA. Put your fate in your own hands and go for it.

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