Imagine it's the middle of the night and you're busy studying the back of your eyelids getting a killer night sleep, when some commotion outside wakes you up.

Terrifying, right? First thought is possibly a burglar, so you immediately start going into fight or flight mode, worrying about any kids that may be in the house, etc. You pop out of bed, start making your way down the stairs, cautiously checking all areas and angles until you're staring out onto your porch and see:

Amy Littlefield Richard via Facebook
Amy Littlefield Richard via Facebook

Because that's EXACTLY what happened to Amy Littlefield Richard this morning in Manchester, New Hampshire, at 3:30. Amy said in her 16 years of living at her home in Manchvegas, nothing like that has ever happened.

Last Thursday, Amy said she and her family were curious when they noticed their bird feeders were completely cleaned out and wondered how it happened. So, they set up cameras and they obviously got a much bigger answer than they were expecting in the middle of the night.

According to Seacoast Current, it's actually a pretty good idea to bring in your bird feeders every night and secure your trash cans, because those are two items that are super intriguing and super attractive to bears. In fact, that was the exact suggestion by Hampton Police after posting this video captured on a Ring doorbell camera last week.

There's actually been a ton of bear activity throughout Northern New England in the last couple months. Back in March, this bear was seen roaming around a yard in Plaistow:

And in Hubbstardston, Massachusetts a couple of weeks ago, a whole family of bears was seen just sashaying along, living their best lives.

Thankfully, in Amy's case very earlier this morning, she and her family were and remain safe and sound. And now plan on bringing their feeder in every night to keep that safe and sound record (and the structrual integrity of their porch) intact.

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