This one is definitely a team effort that we should all be on the lookout for to protect our neighbors, specifically younger women and girls.

Suspicious Man in Saco

On Thursday, Saco Police posted a warning on their Facebook page after two separate sets of young women reported a suspicious man lurking around Ferry Road in Saco and approaching them on two separate days.

On Sunday evening at dusk, the first account happened when two younger girls were walking along the Ferry Road. While they were walking, the girls watched a silver/gray sedan pull up to an intersection they were approaching and come to a full stop. A caucasian blonde male who looked to be in his 20's got out and walked around to his trunk.

Seconds later, he grabbed what was described as either a cord or a rope and began walking toward the girls, who were smart enough to remove themselves from the area and join up with a nearby jogger, which spooked the man and caused him to leave the scene.

Unfortunately, this wasn't just a one-off incident, as the man returned to the area the following day a little bit earlier, this time in the late afternoon. A younger adult woman was walking alone when the man pulled up in a different vehicle this time, a black minivan, and started engaging her in conversation. Feeling unsafe, the woman went into a nearby yard, and after an initial attempt to follow her, the man left the area.

Saco Police provide more detail below:

There is possibly one other account of this man approaching a woman, although it's unknown if it's the same man or not. A woman named Alisha recalled a situation from a few months ago where something similar (and just as creepy and suspicious) happened involving a man who was also blonde.

A few months ago, I was walking my babies in the laurel hill cemetery, and a blonde man in his 20s asked to take a photo of me. I was so creeped out by his request that I called the cops to check it out. I saw them drive in but not sure if they ever spoke to him- I wonder if it could be the same guy?

Based on the comments section of the post by Saco Police, multiple residents in the area are planning to be more vigilant in keeping a lookout for this man and looking out for their neighbors, but this is just a reminder to make sure we take the extra effort to, not to quote Jerry Springer at the end of his talk show, but "take care of ourselves, and each other."

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