I couldn't love this more because it just goes to show how appreciative and easy-to-please some kids can be. Then it makes me miss my childhood like crazy because those were way simpler times, amiright?

Myles Wood lives in Amesbury, MA and just celebrated his 5th birthday. And according to a story that WCVB Channel 5 Boston reported, Myles had an EPIC yet really simple birthday surprise -- a visit from a garbage truck.

You might be sitting there all -- Jadd, what in the heck are you talking about, that's a birthday surprise? A big ole stinky, smelly truck filled with garbage? That may be what you and I see -- BUT HOLD THE PHONE -- because what Myles sees, is another truck that he can love.

See, in that story that WCVB Channel 5 Boston reported, Myles' mom Ali said that he's been obsessed with trucks since he was about 2 years old, and actually knows all of the recycling trucks and drivers. HE EVEN KNOWS THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF TRUCKS AND TRACK PICK-UP SCHEDULE FOR SURROUNDING TOWNS. (So, if you just moved near Amesbury and you're trying to figure it out -- or you're confused about a holiday switching up pick-up day, just hit up Myles, he's got you covered.)

Not only did Myles get to SEE the garbage truck on his birthday, but he actually got to toss trash bags inside the back of it, and even honk the horn.

Man, it really is the little things. You have to think being a garbage man/woman is a draining job -- always on the go, hanging off the back of a truck, running around and chucking other peoples' trash into the back of a truck one after the other -- but you HAVE to think that when they round the corner on Myles' street, they can't help but smile. And Myles must be OVER THE MOON when he sees his garbage pick-up friends!

Seriously, it makes me miss the days of being a kid and having my favorite toy be a balloon. Nothing fancy, not filled with helium or anything, just a regular balloon I'd blow the ole CO-2 into and play with for HOURS, hitting it all around and trying to make sure it never hit the ground. So simple, but so fun.

Actually, excuse me while I go look for a balloon...

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