When I was 10 years old, I was in 4th grade at Barron School in Salem, New Hampshire playing Oregon Trail, trying to pass some QWERTY course my teacher Mrs. Epps kept giving us, and played Little League. What were you doing when you were 10?

I guarantee, like me, it's nowhere near the awesomeness that 10-year-old Jack Dalton from Nashua, New Hampshire, is doing. According to WMUR, when Jack was younger, he took a trip to the zoo and that was it for him. Jack told WMUR that ever since that first zoo trip, he's "been in love with orangutans and (is working) to get them off the endangered species list."

Kid Conservationist via YouTube
Kid Conservationist via YouTube

Can we talk about this for a second? This kid -- KID, HE'S A KID -- is busting his hump to get an entire species off the endangered list! Meanwhile some of us grown adults are whipping through our drive-thru of choice, using plastic straws, and more often than not dumping them somewhere on the ground. And little Jack is out here trying to save an entire species.

Jack used his time during the pandemic to build and grow his YouTube channel, where he goes by "Kid Conservationist" and features educational videos about orangutans and the environment, reads children's books like Don't Let Them Disappear and The Lorax on video with special bonus features at the end like kid activities or parent discussions, and more. He even has a feature on how we can celebrate Earth Day (appropriate, since that's today.)

As if that's not impressive enough, Jack has been nominated for Time Kid of the Year, he's a youth ambassador to groups like the Orangutan Alliance, and oh yeah -- HE'S AN AUTHOR. HE'S 10 AND HE'S WRITTEN A BOOK! It's really no shock that Jack has become a global sensation with all of his work, between writing his book Kawan the Orangutan Lost in the Forest and all of his YouTube videos.

Honestly, with kiddos like Jack in the world, we're going to be okay in the future. He'll make sure of it. Now someone get this kid on Ellen!

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