Officials are reporting that there have been 80 traffic fatalities in New Hampshire so far this year.

A sign alongside the Spaulding Turnpike shared the news in Dover on Wednesday with the message that one life taken due to a traffic fatality is one too many.

The signs are updated by people at the New Hampshire Driving Towards Zero project, who receive their messages from officials at the NH Department of Safety.

The Driving Toward Zero project was created in 2012 to help reduce the number of fatalities and severe injuries on the state's roads. The goal is to cut those numbers in half by 2030.

According to the 2021 highway safety plan, New Hampshire traffic fatalities were at 101 in 2019 and 147 in 2018.

On Wednesday, a number of people were mourning the death of retired police officer and bicyclist Donna Briggs, 59, of Derry, who was killed by a hit and run driver on Route 125 in Kingston on Tuesday.

Briggs was retired from the Hudson, NH Police Department, Chief William Avery told Seacoast Current.

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