Skiing may not be for you. You may not realize it, but eventually, a child you mow over as you tumble downhill will inform you.

The same goes for snowboarding. There’s a reason your instructor kept talking about how nice the chairlift view can be on the way back down.

So, you love winter, you love the snow, and you love New Hampshire. You like hanging out back at the ski lodge, just not the, you know, physical activity part of it.

Fear not. The Granite State boasts many different ways to take in the full winter experience.

Perhaps you like taking in the wondrous views of the White Mountains as you zip along at a high speed. Maybe the answer isn’t skis or a board, but rather a locomotive.

You like being pampered back at the resort, but why not just start with that? Luckily, that is an option as well.

In a (legal, consensual) relationship, but looking to take the next step (or, just see if you can truly stand one another)? New Hampshire also has a spot or two that make for a nice, cozy getaway.

Or perhaps you have writer’s block, and need that quaint New England cabin to finally put some words on your proverbial paper (I don’t recommend mixing those last two – your potential neighbor Stephen King can tell you more about that)?

Point is, having fun in New Hampshire does not require enormous goggles and windburn. In fact, there are several alternatives you’ve yet to discover.

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