Most New England states have similar Department of Motor Vehicles laws regarding licenses and plates, but did you know there are certain violations about your plate you can be ticketed for, or at least pulled over?

There are six in particular you should be aware of, according to

Two Plates Are Required

New Hampshire and all the other New England states require every vehicle to have a front and back plate.  If you lose a plate, you will need to replace it as soon as possible or it could cost you up to $150 in fines.

Trailers and motorcycles are exempt, and only need a license plate in the back.

Plates Cannot Be Propped Up in Windows

Vehicle plates must be secured in the spots the manufacturers have molded for placement, and attached to the front and back of car, affixed properly.  This means no swinging license plates on the bumpers.

Ginny Rogers
Ginny Rogers

License Plates Must Be Illuminated at Night

This is a law throughout the country.  Newer vehicles have these lights built in, so you only have to worry if a light fails or burns out.  If a light is out, you have 5-30 days to have it fixed.

License Plate Frames

License plate frames are legal in New Hampshire, but the frames cannot hide any part of the plate number, nor obscure it even partially.

Plastic Covers Over the Plates

Plastic covers over the plates to prevent dirt buildup or protect the plate is ok, but it must be a clear cover so it doesn't prevent anyone from reading your license plate number.  Tinted covers are not allowed, only clear.

Plates Must Be Clean

After a day of mudding, or following a sticky snowstorm, it's your job to keep your plates clean and visible.  You can be pulled over for plate obstructions or any reason your plate number is not accessible.

Clean, well-lit, and secured plates are safe for you, your passengers, and fellow drivers.

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