There are many rural areas throughout Maine that hold many small populations scattered throughout the state.  These are the places where you can venture for miles in the Maine wilderness without coming across one person.

Maine takes pride in it's hardy living and the people living in these smaller communities live the life of perseverance and self-reliance that Maine is known for.

There are several small communities throughout the state, from the Western Maine mountains up to the county and Downeast.  Some people grew up in these locations and are just used to the life of small town living.  Others may move into these towns to seek refuge from the larger populated areas for a life of simplicity.

Here is the least populated towns in the State of Maine, according to the U.S. Census Bureau:

10. Population: 31 - Dennistown plantation, Somerset County

9. Population: 27 - Kingsbury plantation, Piscataquis County

8. TIE Population: 23 - North Oxford UT, Oxford County and Codyville plantation, Washington County

7. Population: 13 - Frye Island town, Cumberland County

6. Population: 9 - Northwest Aroostook UT, Aroostook County

5. Population: 6 - Muscle Ridge Islands UT, Knox County

4. Population: 5 - Whitney UT, Penobscot County

3. Population: 3 - Glenwood plantation, Aroostook County

2. Population: 2 - Northwest Hancock UT, Hancock County

1. TIE - Population: 1 - Criehaven UT, Knox County and Hibberts Gore, Lincoln County

Now check out all of the locations in Maine with a population of less than one hundred people throughout the State of Maine and see where exactly these places are.

50+ Maine Towns With A Population Less Than 100 People

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