March is the best time to travel south!

As a lifelong New Englander, I'm no stranger to our looooong winters. But for some reason, this was the year that I really got the itch to go south.

I love the summers here in Maine. But I just couldn't wait another three months to hit the beach. That was just one of the reasons I recently decided to head to Florida for a little escape from this never ending winter.

Here are my top five reasons Northern New Englanders should head to Ft. Myers in the spring:

#1. The Beach!

I can now say from first-hand experience that Ft. Myers beach is AWESOME! It's really big, the water temperature is really warm (it was 70 degrees when I was there), and there are tons of places to grab some food or a drink. There's even a pier for you to walk out to, to enjoy a gorgeous view

#2 Beach Sunsets

That's right... you don't have to go all the way to California to see the sunset over the ocean. Ft. Myers is on the west coast of Florida, so the sun sets over the ocean there. And it's spectacular!

#3 Red Sox Spring Training

I'd say this was the primary reason I chose Ft. Myers specifically. Every Red Sox fan should check out a game at JetBlue Park at least once. I got there early to watch the team work out on the practice fields before the game. It's really cool to get that close to the players!

#4 The Weather

Here in Maine, I haven't been able to leave the house without a jacket in about six months. This time of year in Ft. Myers, the average high temperature is about 80 degrees. That's about how warm it was during the day for the whole time I was there... not a drop of rain, not a cloud in the sky.

#5 The Palm Trees

Maybe its because I'm a born and raised New Englander, but whenever I see palm trees, I get really excited. For me, it means I'm in a special place. I've only seen them the handful of times I've been to California and Florida, so in my mind, if there are palm trees, I'm having a blast!

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