Chances are if you're under the age of 30, you have heard these antiquated terms but have had to ask 'WHAT!?' as they fracture your ear.

5 Old NH Seacoast Slang Words and Names

As far as I can tell, 'Tonic' was the first of these terms to go by the wayside. Now, the only place you would see that word is scrawled on a cardboard sign at a penny sale, presumably being sold by someone born before the start of World War I.

The 1990's framed the demise of the rest of these names and terms EXCEPT for the 'Donuts' of 'Dunkin'. If my nephews (Ages 11 and 7) ever give me any trouble about sounding like I'm ancient, I'm going to use that one against them as I know they're fans of said 'Donuts' and still misspeak when mentioning DUNKS.

Come to think of it, their father used to drive up 16B past the Old Shop N Save to go to work at Demoulas. Where, I'm sure he hauled and stocked a great deal of 'Tonic'.

If I told them that they'd probably think I was speaking in tongues or some advanced form of code.

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