Sledding is a fun winter activity for kids and grown ups of all ages. And although above average January temperatures have left many spots in New Hampshire without good snow coverage, you definitely don't have to go far to find a great place for it! Here are some great places in New Hampshire to cruise down a snowy hill:

Mack's Apples (Londonderry) - Mack's is famous for their apple orchard, which has been family run since 1732. That makes it the oldest single family run farm in New Hampshire. But what you might not know is that Mack's has a great hill for sledding!

Derryfield Country Club (Manchester) - In the spring and summer, Derryfield Country Club has a great golf course for you to enjoy. But in the winter months, many local kids and adults can be seen barreling down the hill.

White Park (Concord) - Having grown up in Concord, I went to this spot a lot. There are some great hills in this park!

Tilton Hill School - The hill on the school property, at the corner of Prospect and Academy streets, is perfect for some sledding fun.

Carnival Hill (Wilton) - They say this one is long and steep. Now that's my kind of sledding hill! You can find this one on Hillside Road.

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