Sledding is a fun winter activity for kids and grown ups of all ages. And although above average January temperatures have left many spots in Maine without good snow coverage, you definitely don't have to go far to find a great place for it! Here are some great places in New Hampshire to cruise down a snowy hill:

Eastern Promenade (Portland) - This one is kind of a no brainer, but definitely worth mentioning. I used to live on Munjoy Hill, and took my kids here quite a few times. Depending on the conditions, it can be pretty fast!

Payson Park (Portland) - Here's another one I've been to, and it's great. WinterKids have an annual event there, which unfortunately was canceled this year because of lack of snow. But after our next big storm, head there for a good time!

Fort Williams Park (Cape Elizabeth) - Can't say I've been sledding here, but people are saying it's great. And with lots of sloping terrain, I'm sure it is.

Sandpit (Yarmouth) - I couldn't find exactly where this is, but apparently it's a place that all of the locals know about. Makes me want to check it out even more!

Pineland Farms (New Gloucester)  - It seems like I'm always hearing about fun kid friendly activities Pineland Farms. It's great to know that includes sledding.


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