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You're a New England fan through and through, and every Sunday, (or respective Thursday or Monday) you're glued to your seat cheering your team on.

But are you doing it the right way? Are you still working those rabbit ear antennas to get the signal? Are you comfortable enough in your chair or couch?


FDW Wingback Recliner Chair Leather Single Modern Sofa Home Theater Seating for Living Room, Black

First thing is first. You need your super comfy chair to watch. Might as well make it recline for the ultimate comfort while you watch your team dominate.


No. 1 Foam Finger, 18"

What better way to cheer "We're No. 1" than with a No. 1 foam finger? It's perfect for at the actual game or at home watching on your TV.


Samsung UN65RU8000FXZA Flat 65-Inch 4K 8 Series Ultra HD Smart TV with HDR and Alexa Compatibility (2019 Model)

Speaking of TVs, you want to get the highest quality when watching the highest quality in football, right? So why not one with a huge screen and 4K. And one that can even connect with Alexa? Everyone will be at your house to watch the game.


Frito-Lay Party Mix, (40 Count) Variety Pack

You're gonna need snacks to munch on during the game. Might as well have a variety of chips so everyone is happy.


Pepsi Soda, 7.5 Ounce Mini Cans, 10 Pack or Coca-Cola, 7.5 fluid Ounces, 6 Pack

You're also gonna need some drinks to wash the snacks and food down. Whether you like Pepsi or Coke, you can decide.


Wilson NFL Super Grip Football

Might as well have a football to hold onto during the game. You can even recreate some of the plays, and if you feel like, get your friends together after the game to toss the old pigskin around.