Holy bear!

Okay, more like bears – plural!

It's not every day that you see three bears running in plain sight, let alone on a main road. LET ALONE three large bears running on Route 3 in Bedford, New Hampshire.

But then again, it is New Hampshire.

A few months ago, three very large black bears were spotted near T-Bones in Bedford, New Hampshire, running across South River Street.

It's not necessarily common to see three bears in a city like this; however, it's not that far-fetched.

It's certainly a reminder that bears are well out of hibernation. They are probably groggy and CERTAINLY hungry. Wouldn't you be if you'd been sleeping for a few months?

It reminds me of the time a black bear came out of hibernation and searched a New Hampshire home. Check out that video here.

Seeing the bears in Bedford must have been something out of the movies; scary, confusing, and funny.

I must give credit to the people of New Hampshire for the following hilarious Facebook comments on this post:

"My intrusive thoughts are telling me to try and hug… they look soft"

"Where is goldilocks ?"

"Running to the bank to take their deposits out"

"I can’t believe they are allowing bear buts on Facebook"

"Poor bears, we are forcing them to busy roads"

"Heading for the dumpsters, likely."

"Oh my gosh look at those cute little bums. But seriously, I feel very sad for them"

And lastly, a good reminder...

"Well….I was JUST thinking about putting my bird feeders out again.
Nope. Gonna wait…."

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