One of the great things about the seaside town of Old Orchard Beach, Maine is that there is something for everyone.  There is a great amusement park, there's lots of food, and an amazing sandy beach.

And, the fun does not stop when the sun goes down.  There are lots of restaurants, great bars and nightclubs, and fireworks!

Yolanda Sun / Unsplash
Yolanda Sun / Unsplash

For decades, the Palace Playland amusement park has put on weekly fireworks shows.  Well, they DID take 2020 off, for obvious reasons.  They've announced the schedule for this year's fireworks displays.  According to the Old Orchard Beach Chamber of Commerce website, these displays will happen at 9:45 PM every Thursday between June 22nd and August 24th.  Weather permitting, of course.

And, even though they are a weekly occurrence, these displays aren't just a couple of guys shooting off Roman Candles.  These are high quality fireworks displays that are shot off from the beach, over the ocean.

If you are in the right spot, you can even watch the fireworks with the illuminated rides of Palace Playland in the background.  How cool is that?

Check out this recent video of the fireworks:

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