Do you love Zombies? You will LOVE "How to Kill a Zombie." Made in Maine and playing on the big screen! 

I was asked over a year ago to make an appearance in a local zombie movie. I thought, lol okay sure, why not? It's just a little movie that won't go anywhere. Then I found myself in stunt classes and having my make-up done by professional Hollywood artists. There were even real movie cameras, crew and a person with a movie marker calling the scenes. This wasn't the "local" movie I thought it was this was a real production. I got scared. Can I pull this off? I mean, I only have to growl and moan and look dead. I do that every morning at 4am when I awake for work.

Bill McLean

There I am, yours truly! I'm climbing a huge ladder to attack the living and that fake blood turned my hair pink, temporarily making me look like animated rocker "Gem." It was all worth it though because I was A ZOMBIE!

The red carpet event is FRIDAY! And "How to Kill a Zombie" is playing on the big screen in Auburn at Flagship Cinemas. The film is showing at 1pm and 7pm every day through the 26th. If they sell enough tickets, the movie will spread to more theaters. The sky is the limit! How exciting for local Maine filmmakers like Freight Train Films. Here's a clip from the trailer...

The most exciting part? Check out our movie poster, right next to Angelina's "Maleficent!"

Bill McLean

If you need more info on showtimes or how to purchase tickets click below...