We did a really fun Throwback Thursday bit on the HOM Morning Show with Mike n' Anna this morning where we asked you to call in a request a song from your Prom or Prom year. The calls were great and the song requests were awesome! The song requests ranged from Michael Jackson's Thriller to Van Halen's "I Can't Drive 55," but you may not believe what our MOST requested Prom song was.

So apparently we are classic rockers at heart, which I LOVE, because Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven was THE most requested prom song then and now! Since we can't really play this song on HOM for several reasons, here's the video. It's a classic.

Slow dances can be tough for kids - great job picking a song that is 10 minutes long as your prom song!! Torture..

This was another super popular prom song request. Journey's Don't Stop Believin'. Takin' ya back?

Last, but certainly not least, was a really awesome throwback to the 90's from Chumbawumba. Remember this one?!? Tubthumping!

What was your prom song or the song that you remember from that year? Post it in the comments below or on our Facebook page.