If you know the pain of losing someone close to you, you have to hear about this program that can help keep their memory alive forever. 

Voice Kite (Janna Smith)

Voice Kite allows you to narrate your life story through pictures. Like a modern day photo album that will never die. My friend, Janna Smith calls her parent's home phone everyday just to hear the sound of her mom's voice on the answering machine. With Voice Kite, she could listen to a lot more and never risk losing those memories because it is stored digitally. Voice Kite is a new business trying to make it. The only way they can get what they need to make this happen is through donations. Voice Kite is a cloud-based storage system giving you access to all of your digital memories from your desktop and your mobile phone, including amazing storage capacity...whenever you want! How many times have you looked at old photos and asked "When was that taken?" or "Who is that in that picture?" Not only will you have those answers, you will have the voice of that person to hear for generations to come. I would love to know what my Great Grandmother sounded like.

This video explains their mission. It's an amazing concept...