This is the time of year when otherwise sane people, put on their festive caps and tap into their inner Griswold.

Yes i'm talking about the popular practice of putting up Christmas lights on your house. Now, let's be clear, Christmas lights are totally allowed for the Month of December and even somewhat acceptable in January. Heck, you could probably leave them up until the end of February and get away with it. But as Gretchen Wilson wisely croons, if you keep your "Christmas light on, on my front porch all year long" you're most definitely a Redneck WomanNow to be clear, i'm not saying that's necessarily a bad thing.

However a new study suggests that there's an even better reason to take down those Christmas lights. According to The Guardian those pretty festive coils could be hijacking your bandwith, causing your wi-fi speed to slow wayyyy down.

So next time you're watching Netflix and the picture gets choppy or suddenly starts buffering, you might want to try unplugging those lights. And if you ARE anything like Clark Griswold, your neighbors will thank you.