I had a mad crush on Gunnar Nelson from the band Nelson. Actually, I had a crush on Matthew Nelson too, probably because they are identical twins. I am a little shocked at what they look like now though. 

Facebook/Matthew and Gunnar Nelson

WOW! That just isn't what I expected. Granted I knew Nelson would cut those beautiful long locks but the "Ellen" look I never would've guessed. They just released a new album and still tour. I would love to see them still after the rain...I mean, after all these years. I remember saying "Ricki Nelson who?" I had no idea they were the sons of a legend who died in a plane crash when I was all pie eyed over them.

Facebook/Sebastian Bach

I bought "Tiger Beat" magazine for the soul purpose of finding glossies of this hottie, Sebastian Bach. He was the front man for Skid Row and every metal girl's dream hair band guy. A rebel, long straight hair and facial structure even a girl would be jealous of.

Facebook/Sebastian Bach

He hasn't really changed his look a whole lot and although Skid Row is no longer together, Bach still tours on his own and packs in former hair band lovers reliving our head banging childhood. I loved how his lips trembled when he sang "I will rememberrrrrrr you."

Facebook/New Kids On The Block

Be still my heart New Kids on the Block. Look at Jordan holding the necklace he bought me for Christmas! Ahem, well that's what I wanted to believe when I ripped this glossy from my "Tiger Beat" magazine and stuck it to the wall. I wonder, if today, they regret this picture.

Facebook/New Kids on the Block

Gotta say, these boys have held up pretty well. In fact most of them have six packs and are still touring. Although, it is surprising to see Joey McIntyre as a father. I mean he and I were supposed to get married and have kids. #bitter