Recognize that jar of "Fluff?" GREAT, you're officially a New Englander. Bring that jar down South they won't have a clue of what we make with it!

I figured out a long time ago that there are a lot of differences between the North, South and West.

THE CLICKER: If you are from away, you know it as The Remote Control.

DUNGAREES: Normally called Jeans or in the South "britches."

FRAPPE:  Made with milk, ice cream and chocolate syrup in a mixer.

ITALIAN SANDWICH: My sis-in-law is from Brooklyn, NY and is full blooded Italian. She was horrified when she moved to Maine and saw a sign saying "Italians, $1.99!!"

WICKED: Total Mainer or Mass-hole lol.

SODA: Southerners call it a Coca-Cola, out west it's a "pop."

TIN FOIL: Aluminum foil everywhere else.

"YOU GUYS!" In the South it's y'all, in the West it's "you all."

Check out this short but fun video of what it's like to be a New Englander. 

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