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As many of you know I CAN cook, but I'd really rather not. In fact, the truth is unless it's in a box, bag or a can I don't really cook it. Until recently.

Lately I've become acutely aware of just how tight the waist on my pants have gotten, and after a long hard winter I've decided that it's time to step away from the thin mint knock offs and reevaluate my eating habits.

The first thing on the chopping block was carbs, and more specifically, breads. If you know me this is no small feat. So yesterday when I was lamenting this fact to my dear friend Deedra, she dropped some knowledge on me that honestly blew my mind.


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One of my favorite lunch foods is homemade chicken salad. The realization that with my new found goals of healthy eating, I would be unable to spoon the delicious chicken'y goodness onto a soft fresh slice of split top was just depressing.

That's when Deedra said, "well you know you can put it on a big piece of lettuce instead right?" ... Why had I never thought of this before??? What an ingenious concept!

*Note: (apparently this has been a thing for a while and restaurants even serve burgers wrapped in lettuce)*

So, armed with my new knowledge and a renewed focus in health, I made the yummiest chicken salad I've ever had. And guess what? It wasn't from a box, a bag OR a can!


Here's the recipe if you'd like to  try it out:

2 small chicken breasts boiled and shredded (I used a hand mixer to shred the chicken)

1 or 2 tablespoons of Miracle Whip (or Mayo if you prefer it)

1 or 2 tablespoons of low fat cottage cheese

1 tea spoon of honey (or Agave if you prefer that)

Small handful of walnuts

Small handful of crasins

1 bunch of Romaine Lettuce washed and dried

*Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl, then spoon the mixture onto a leaf of lettuce, roll up and enjoy!


Let me know how it turned out and what you think!

And just for fun, here's another great website I found for super easy microwavable recipes for snacks in a mug. I honestly can't imagine anything better than apple crisp in a mug!