Ever been somewhere where clothing was optional? The thought of me doing that scares the crap out of me. I mean, I have the dream all the time being naked and making a speech in front of a crowd; that doesn't count though. Some people are very open and free, and have no use for clothes in the Summer. We have all skinny dipped, right? But, it's technically not legal to do so. There are though, legal places to be nude and free in New England this summer. Are you up for the challenge? LOL


Berkshire Vista Nudist Resort, 312 Kittle Road, Hancock, Massachusetts

Their slogan is 'Where Social Nudity is the Norm'. It's a campground with fun activities including, hiking, sun tanning, and evening dances.

Cedar Waters Village Nudist Park, 24 Smoke Street, Nottingam, New Hampshire

Established 66 years ago, this park is the Northeast's largest private nudist park. It's on a lake, and has sandy beaches to enjoy.


Dyer Woods Nudist Campground, 114 Johnson Road, Foster, Rhode Island

The campground just opened for it's 51st season. It's a 200 acre farm and welcomes all.


Richmond Sauna Bed & Breakfast, Richmond, Maine